October 6

Coffee with Mike- What is Coffee with Mike About?



Well, it started out as a casual conversation, right? I just want to talk to people about what things I have seen and learned. Part of it is, "hey, I have made these mistakes in my life, and I think they cost me. Cost me a little bit of time, cost me a little bit of money, cost me a little bit of opportunity." And while I am very happy with how things have worked out, still I have this issue of, "hey, if I could help you save that time, and that concern, and that effort, so you don’t go out and waste that," then I think that is important for me to share.  

So, I think a lot of our wisdom, a lot of our understanding and knowledge about certain things really come from things that didn’t work like we thought it would work; it didn’t go like we thought it was going to go. Then to have the ability to shut it down when it’s not going well, when that’s appropriate to shut it down, and also, I guess to persevere through it when it is appropriate to persevere through it. I think those things are really important for us to think about.  

So, that is what we are really trying to do here. To say “Hey, how are you doing? Here's how I am doing, how are you doing?” That is really what we are trying to do. To spark a conversation that might be helpful to you, might be meaningful to you, and is certainly meaningful to me.  

So, I appreciate the time to talk to you. If you really like what you are hearing, then go to our website www.allaboutfers.com, or go to our social media on Facebook or Instagram, and see what else we have out there that might be helpful to you.  We hope it is going to be helpful to you in some way. When you deem it appropriate, when you think it is going to be most helpful to you, go back to our website and use more of our stuff, or give us an opportunity to talk to you on one on.  We’re glad to hear from you.

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