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This course is designed to help you make financial and career decisions that get you closer toward your life goals.  You will learn how to intentionally build a plan that creates special moments for the people, the activities, and the causes that are important to you, and making sure you are financially and emotionally available for those moments.
First, we help you sift through mounds of information and show you how to pare it down so you can make good decisions you can remain confident in by spending several lessons on our decision-making process so that you can use it to make decisions quickly and effectively. 
Second, we help you make some career decisions: are you going to retire from as a federal employee?  If not, how much longer will you remain in a federal career?  We will show you how to use a financial value analysis concept to make that decision. 
Third, we explain TSP investing to you, help you pick a portfolio, and know how to draw an income directly from TSP, because no matter how long you remain a federal employee, you can use TSP throughout your lifetime.    
Fourth, we discuss how to use OPM’s insurance programs to protect your assets and your family from financial catastrophe. 
Our focus is always to help you build a future filled with special moments so you’ll make the most of the time you spend in retirement.
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