February 13

Coffee With Mike- Dealing With a Crisis



I was doing a little reading over the holidays, and I came across some curious stuff. I like reading the theological and religious literature, I like reading the Bible, and I came across this fact: that the english word "crisis" is actually transliterated from the Greek language. When you're saying the word "crisis," you're actually speaking Greek, and if you're using it as a Greek word, it actually means judgment. 

So in my circles, you know the word judgment has been thrown around with COVID-19, and with Black Lives Matter, and all the different things that have gone over the last 10 months or so, and here's whatI've come to a conclusion on: I believe that I'm facing a crisis in the way that we do business, in the way that we perceive our value to the customer/to our clients, in the way that our clients perceive us, in the way that they have to do their work. 

All this is all this upheaval has caused a crisis, and what it does is it calls into judgment the decisions I've made, the decisions they've made, and whether or not I was actually on a track that could endure the different things that occur in life- all the transitions that occur in life- or if I've been on some temporary tangent, and I really need to reassess what I've been thinking, how I've been thinking about it, and how I've been doing things. I'm talking purely from a business angle right now. 

So, when you think about having a crisis, I see it as an opportunity to have a judgment, to make a judgment on the decisions I've been making, in the way that I've been making those decisions. I think that's a tremendous opportunity for us. I want to communicate this to you is that, as you fight/face different crises in your life, it's an opportunity to evaluate what it is that you want to achieve, and whether you're actually on this enduring way to persevere through life changes and life's transitions so that you stay on target, or if you've actually got distracted, and you made a turn where you shouldn't have, and you're on a temporary tangent and now you need to stop where you are, kind of back up a bit, and get back on that track that's going to endure through any type of crisis.

So this is what I'm wondering for us, is how do we assess that? I'm not going to get into the assessment part just yet, but I will say this: do you see it the same way I do? I'm just wondering do you see what's going on in the world today and the demands that are being made on us as families? Demands that are being made on us as workers? The demand that's being made on us as community members? Do you see it as a crisis type situation, and do you see it as an opportunity to judge the way you've been doing things?

"...as you fight/face different crises in your life, it's an opportunity to evaluate what it is that you want to achieve..."

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