January 20

Coffee With Mike – Is a Shared Vision Necessary?



So I'm sitting out here on a cool winter day, a few days after Christmas, and it's an awesome day. And then the sun breaks through! I think it's awesome today to sit out here and talk to you a little bit, so thanks for giving me a little bit of your time and attention. I'll be brief, but I hope it will be helpful. 

Here's what I want to say: in order to for us to work together, does everyone have to have a vision? Does everyone even have to share the vision? I know it's helpful if that occurs, but every once in a while, the people that I want to spend time with have a different idea or have a different vision of what's about to happen. Namely, my wife. My wife ends up having a different idea or a different vision for the day and what she wants to accomplish, and of course you know I have the opportunity to disagree with that. I have the opportunity not to participate in that if I don't want. You know what, do I always have to be the one to have the vision, to be able to dictate what's going to happen that day? Or could I not just join in the work that, in this case, my wife wants to engage in and be a part of the team, even though I just don't have the vision. Why can't it be that if I don't have the vision, I'm just not the leader of that day? Is that OK? 

I think that a lot of us think that about work, too. That maybe we just don't like the direction things are going right now, and we have lost our voice, or maybe they don't want to hear our voice. Whatever that is, you know, whatever it is that we have to say. I just wonder, does that mean that we have to leave? Does that mean that we need to change careers? It might, or it just might be a season where you're not the leader and now you're a pioneer, and you get to travel along with this train and see what happens next. Because you just can't anticipate what's happening, you wouldn't have gotten here, this wouldn't be where you would have headed.

But now that you're here, do you want to stay in join in the work, be a part of the team, and just see what's going to happen next? Is it possible that there are seasons for both of those types of responses when you don't share the vision of the leadership? Is it possible there's a season where you just become a part of the member of the team, and you enjoy the work, you be with people. And then when you've had enough, or you've ended up in a spot you just can't tolerate, then maybe you go off, you have a vision of the future that doesn't include where you are, who you are with in terms of your business or in terms of your career, and you change it. That can happen. That's legitimate. But, before you rush off and make changes, make sure that there's still not a little part of the journey that you should share with these people where you are right now. 

"...it just might be a season where you're not the leader and now you're a pioneer, and you get to travel along with this train and see what happens next."

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