December 4

Coffee with Mike- Another Word On Competition Part 2



I think we make a lot of lifestyle choices by being competitive. You know, I see what they've got, I would like to have what they have. I see what they're doing, I'd like to do what they do. I see where they live, I'd like to live where they live. Some of that is good, in a way, because it helps you achieve, it helps you set goals and achieve things. But sometimes you start living for the other person. You start living for the ability to beat somebody. You start living for the ability of achieving a goal, and the goal itself becomes the end. 

If that's what it is I think we've really missed the boat, because the goal isn't what we're supposed to arrive at. The goal is was supposed to get us to where we wanted to go: in our relationships, where we wanted to be, in our position in the world, where we need to be in relation to helping other people, and having other people help us. It's about creating a community.

A community of people that really care about one another, and care about what happens one another, if not because we really like one another or we really know each other that well, but if only for the sake that our community functions better when everybody has opportunity; when everybody has help; when everyone has someone that cares about their well being, whether that's actually an emotional, personal intention, or whether that's just something about, "this is good for our community and so we're going to help you because it's good for everybody." I think that we have missed the boat if we're just thinking about, 'how can we get more, because they have more.' I think that misses the boat. 

I think we should be more about how can we help each other, you know, enjoy the journey along the way. I hope that's what we can do here is help you enjoy the journey along the way. Help you make plans, help you make decisions that put the focus where it belongs. Not just on the goal, not just on the tool, but what are we actually making with that? What are we actually building with that? Then being able to reassess and adjust, and get to where we ultimately wanted to go anyway, which is we're enjoying time with people. Enjoying times having meaningful relationships and engaging in meaningful activity that lifts up a community. 

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