October 13

Coffee with Mike- What Does Mike Actually Do?



The official title of what I do is Certified Financial Planner.  However, that doesn't teach you anything about federal employee benefits. There is no course in achieving your Certified Financial Planner's designation or certification that allows you to understand federal benefits.  

So what do I do? We are experts in understanding how federal employee benefits can be  utilized to maximize your money,  maximize your time, and maximize your career, so that you get out of it what you want, financially speaking, and you get what you want from a security point, and that you get what you want at the time that you want it. That's what we actually do. 

We say "okay, your employer has giving you all of these tools.  And  you have brought all these other tools along with it.  Maybe you've come from another job or maybe you leave federal employment to go somewhere else, but you still have this federal employee package.  So the point is, how can we make everything so that it really meets your needs and fulfills your vision of what the future should look like. Then how do we help you think through each one of those components so that you know what the potential is for it, the limitations for it, and what that means for the other components. And as we begin to do that, we are actually shaping these pieces.  

Let's think of it like a jigsaw puzzle.  We are actually shaping these pieces so that when we line them all up together, they actually come together not as one single line, but they come together as one big picture.  A picture of what the future needs to look like for you.  Not only how it is shaped, and not only what it looks like, but when the right time comes.  You know, one of the great features of federal employment is that they actually have ages and years of service requirements to retire, which sounds like a downer when you are young, but it's not a downer when you realize 'wait a minute; this has already been determined!'.  

There are a lot of people out there who have no idea when they can retire. They've got to figure it out. They are just hoping they get to a certain spot where it might work.  Whereas federal employees have a definite spot.  They have all these different thresholds of age and years of service requirements that they can say 'will it work here?';  'will it work here?';  'will it work here?'  And 'what do I have to do to get it to work at each one of these spots?'  

"There are a lot of people out there who have no idea when they can retire."

Who knows if you actually want to do that when you get there,  but you will have the opportunity if you do want to do it.  So that's what we do.  We help you figure out how to put all these things together, and make sure that you are maximizing your time, maximizing your money, and maximizing your career.  And that you are getting to a point where you are free to make the decision.  So you have the flexibility to decide 'I want to do this now';  'I want to do this then'; 'I know when I want to do this';  'I know what I'm aiming for'.  You have a clearly defined picture of what you need to do, so that you can have what you see in your future.

If you really like what you're hearing, then go to our website allaboutfers.com or go to our social media on Facebook or on Instagram,  and see what else we've got out there that might be helpful to you. We hope it's going to be helpful to you at some point . And when you deem it appropriate,  when you think that it's going to be most helpful to you,  go back to our website and use more of our information, or give us an opportunity to talk to you one on one  We're glad to hear from you!

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