May 6

Negativity Sells



If there is anything that we have learned over the past 15-20 years on TV is that negativity sells. Negativity attracts attention.  It is like being on the highway, and we are all stopped, and we are wondering what happened.  We hear there has been an accident.  No one wants to see an accident, no one wants to see someone hurt.  But when we get closer and closer to the accident, we want to take a look.  We want to know what has been holding us up.  We want to understand why we had to go through what we were going through, how patient or impatient we have had to be while waiting through this traffic jam.  

Negativity draws our thinking, draws our attention.  The news people know that.  The people on the internet know that.  And people are tapping into negative emotion which provides negative energy, which could end up really getting you down.  Really turning your perspective about what to expect in the future.

Look, we are not talking about being Pollyanna, but we are also not talking about being Debbie Downer.  And that is no disrespect to any Debbies I know out there. But think about it.  If people are always impressing you with negative things, pretty soon you are going to start thinking negatively and you are going to start thinking in negative terms.

"Let’s make sure that throughout the day, you are thinking about things that are positive."

So I just want to encourage you to get away from the negativity.  Don’t let it lure you in. Don’t let the click bait become your bait. Let’s make sure that throughout the day, you are thinking about things that are positive.  When you think about something that’s negative, you recognize it, you stop it, you literally speak it out loud and say “I am not going to think about that type of thing anymore.  Instead, I am going to chose to think about this”, and you are going to think about something that is positive for you.  You are going to dwell on that.  You want to have control over your thinking, over your mind, over your feeling.

You have that control.  Take it and use it to do something positive for yourself and for the people around you.  I hope this helps you.

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