April 23

Finding Opportunities – Taking the Time to Focus on What’s Important



Hey, good afternoon everybody.  I am hoping that things are going well for you.  I have been thinking about the opportunities that the coronavirus protocol is offering me.  I have been listening to a few experts about what I should do physically, like washing my hands, and a few experts about what I should do mentally, the way that I am thinking.  I even went to a webinar on how I should be working on things emotionally so that I can create connection with people while we are all isolated in our homes.  

So I wanted to pass a few of these things along to you and just tell you some thoughts that I am having.  I think it goes under the header of “let’s push the reset button”.  You know, when I do the videos or the screen casts that you are going to see at some point, there is the idea that I can just do it all over if I want to.  I can just push a button, we will stop, and we will just do it all over again.  It is kind of like a reset button.  

I am thinking that this opportunity of the protocol that everyone is insisting that we follow offers us a chance to reset some things that I definitely need to reset.  

One of those things is about energy, so I want to start here with that, and I will send you some other videos for resetting, but let’s talk about energy for a second.  You know, one of the ideas that I had about this protocol was that now I am going to be able to bang out a lot of work.  I am going to be able to catch up with a lot of things, and I am going to be able to keep moving, moving, moving with less interruption.  Wow, that will be great!  Then I began to realize that I was getting pretty tired, because I was working 13-14 hours a day, and I was really putting my whole being into this work.  It seems like that is not good for what we are facing right now, for coronavirus.  The experts are saying be careful about working too hard, about stressing your body, about not getting enough sleep.  Make sure you are taking care of yourself physically by not working so hard during this down time.

"...we are able to make whatever adjustments we need to make physically, emotionally, and relationally, to be able to conserve our energy for what may lay ahead..."

So, I have decided that there is going to be a little bit more structure in my day.  I am going to have a definite begin time, and a definite end time.  I am definitely going to move in between those two (the beginning and the end).   I am going to move from project to project with more structure so that I actually make more progress over a wide range of things as opposed to diving in deep into one thing.  Because when I do dive deep, I think about the stuff that I didn’t do.

I think that is going to be my answer.  My question to you is what is going to be your answer?  How are you conserving your energy?  It may seem like you are just sitting on the couch, or sitting on things reading, or whatever you are doing.  I don’t know.  If you happen to be a young mom, you are probably chasing kids around all day…

I have no idea what you are doing, but here is what I am asking.  How can you conserve some energy so that your body is prepared to do battle if it needs to do battle with this virus?  How can you eat better, sleep better, think better, feel better, engage better, so that if and when this thing hits you or me, we can give it the battle that it deserves and that we deserve, so we can fight this thing off.  I know that there are lots of other factors about fighting off the coronavirus, but one of these factors has got to be that we take care of ourselves in the meantime.  That we have energy for that.  That we are able to make whatever adjustments we need to make physically, emotionally, and relationally, to be able to conserve our energy for what may lay ahead for some of us.

Many prayers to you, thanks for listening, hope this has been helpful to you, let us know if you liked it, and let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

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